We are proud to share some of our recent clients. 

Tom Furse

“Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these instruments can be more than traditional electric pianos. The rich tones that I can get from my little 44 are perfect for processing through all kinds of effect boxes which adds to the sonic spectrum and which also makes it more responsive and playable than any other keyboard I own.. Plus it’s orange and who the hell else makes an orange 44 key piano?”

Keyboardist, The Horrors

Justin Vernon

“In the Vintage Vibe 64, you get the cream and belliness of the Rhodes along with the warmth and flat world of the Wurlitzer. This is not a compromise; it is a wonderful evolution and maybe the first one in the world of electronic pianos in decades. And road ready? Yup.”

Keyboardist, Bon Iver

Edie Brickell

Peter Keys

“I gotta tell ya, my new vintage vibe electric piano is just bad ass! I took it to the studio right away, and immediately had the producer asking what it was and where could he get one. Ultra dynamic for big lush paddy chords, and quick bounce back for fast riffs… not mushy like a lot of Rhodes’ you find out there.”

Keyboardist, Lynryd Skynryd

John Ginty

“While it has all of the Rock and crunch of a Wurli, and the smooth stereo goodness of a Rhodes, the versatility really lies beneath your fingers. I can make this thing bark or purr, just by how I attack it. Just look at it funny and it plays itself. Aesthetically speaking, it takes the whole stage up a notch. It makes my Hammond look BETTER…”  

Chris Norton

“The Vintage Vibe Piano is exactly what I would expect a brand new vintage piano to sound like – with it’s beautiful tone and state of the art design, it is an absolute joy to play!”

Keyboardist, Zappa Plays Zappa

Michel Wintsch

Michel Wintsch is an avant-garde jazz composer and pianist who has worked with musicians such as Franz Koglmann and Gerry Hemingway.