The finest hand-built electric pianos in the world.

Red Sparkle

Vintage Vibe electric pianos are hand-built to order in our Rockaway, New Jersey workshop. Our craftsmen have dedicated themselves to gaining a deep understanding of what it takes to create a one of a kind, balanced and articulate electro-mechanical piano.


Every component of our piano is the product of years of research, ensuring proper performance through premium materials and dimensional accuracy. Construction starts with a properly aged linden wood key bed installed into our hand crafted wood base. Our action rails, harp supports and harps are then made in-house from select hard rock maple and multi-ply birch. Our cycolac hammer cams and flanges are set into hard rock maple hammers by hand in our shop. Our damper arms are made from premium, specially treated aluminum and are modified for strength and memory retention. Custom cutting dies shape our damper felts in 4 different sizes to optimize damping throughout the range of the piano, all made in the USA. Our optional sustain pedal is constructed of glass fiber resin and weighs in at a mere 1.5 lbs. Combined with our extruded damper rail, our complete sustaining mechanism is light as a feather both in weight and touch.


Our tines are made of premium US steel, and swaged in the USA using Torrington swaging machines complete with original dies. Our pickups are assembled and wound here in New Jersey. With the help of two major American guitar pickup manufacturers, our pickups provide the perfect tone for our pianos. Our optional Stereo Vibe Preamp was inspired by the famous-for-tone Peterson style preamp. Our engineers took the original into the present with upgrades that add clarity, stability, better tone and an expanded tremolo. An internal power supply removes the chance of losing a specialized external supply and uses a standard computer cable for power.


Our fiberglass lids where designed in-house to provide a clean, classic style with a subtle flair. Each lid is hand made one at a time by custom fiberglass craftsmen in the USA, and finished in a durable, automotive quality shine. They are then fitted with our custom aluminum extrusion in-house. Our name rail is fabricated from mirror stainless steel, providing a more durable surface than chrome plated steel with a much more environmentally friendly process.


In addition to carefully selected materials and fabrication techniques, Vintage Vibe Pianos are voiced to truly stand out. Upon completion, each piano is regulated through pickup settings, tine settings, escapement, strike-line, hammer graduations, etc. All Aspects are fine tuned to compliment the overall sound and feel. The result is a piano that is optimized for consistent tone with superior dynamic range. Any playing style, from soft and sweet to loud and aggressive is easily within reach of the player. It is this attention to detail that makes Vintage Vibe Pianos “the finest hand built electric pianos in the world”.