Got my Vintage Vibe 73 today in record time (from NJ to CO) completely pristine. Mine was crafted a unique light orange sparkle….so beautiful. I had an intial question that was immediately answered by your technical support and was really impressed by that. I am an older player, 57 years old, who has personally purchased 2 new Rhodes (1 stage and 1 suitcase), and  2 brand new Wurlitzer electronic pianos (200a’s)  plus a a new Hohner electric piano all of which I still have. I am classically trained and did my time on the road with many bands. I do not make my living playing music anymore (thankfully) but know my keyboards. Your Vintage Vibe 73 is the best electric piano ever made……bar none. The electronics, action, intonation, tuning, and built in equalization are a millennial improvement on the originals… which I purchased when new as stated above. I unpacked mine…..packed by you to withstand nuclear assault… and plugged it into my 1974, 100 watt Fender Twin. The result? True electric piano bliss. All of this from a nobody, non-celebrity, though experienced professional keyboardist. I had heard about other “new” tine electric pianos….most of the reviews of which were quite negative. Vintage Vibe, on the other hand, doesn’t care whether you’re a celebrity player or not. They give you the same fantastic unit whether you’re a closet virtuoso or a star….no bias. And… for this I thank you and recommend you.”


- Seth Allen

Mostly, if you want a Wurlitzer or an old Rhodes piano, and you want it to last on the road, you’d have to scour the earth and put a lot of work into it. Beyond that, for me at least, I’ve always wanted to have both options, because a Rhodes doesn’t have what a Wurly has… In the Vintage Vibe 64, you get the cream and belliness of the Rhodes along with the warmth and flat world of the Wurlitzer. This is not a compromise; it is a wonderful evolution and maybe the first one in the world of electronic pianos in decades. And road ready? Yup.”

- Justin Vernon, Bon Iver

“One of the best sounding keyboards I have ever played. The feel makes you want to write all day.”

- Tracy Carter, Keyboardist for Chaka Khan

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these instruments can be more than traditional electric pianos. The rich tones that I can get from my little 44 are perfect for processing through all kinds of effect boxes which adds to the sonic spectrum and which also makes it more responsive and playable than any other keyboard I own.. Plus it’s orange and who the hell else makes an orange 44 key piano?”

- Tom Furse, The Horrors

Back in the day, every once in awhile you’d run into a “sweet” Rhodes, praying you could find one for your own – The VV Piano captures that feel precisely – An uncanny masterpiece!”

- Scott May, Hammond Organ USA, Hammond B3/Vocals for Ides of March

I gotta tell ya, my new vintage vibe electric piano is just bad ass! I took it to the studio right away, and immediately had the producer asking what it was and where could he get one..The thing just plays so well. Totally even action and response top to bottom. Ultra dynamic for big lush paddy chords, and quick bounce back for fast riffs.. not mushy like a lot of Rhodes’ you find out there.. And you can get it to really bark if you dig in with just a little over-drive on your amp. It’s got a very musical feel…just killer! The electronics are amazing.. Transparent, yet punchy, and virtually no noise at all! 
The tremolo is super smooth, and can go from subtle to intense, depending on the vibe you’re looking for. The thing just sings! I also gotta say it’s one of the coolest looking boards I’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t break your back when it’s time to move it. The team at Vintage Vibe is super helpful, and had it to me within two weeks. Not bad considering it was hand crafted for me!”

- Peter Keys, Lynryd Skynryd

The Vintage Vibe Piano is exactly what I would expect a brand new vintage piano to sound like – with it’s beautiful tone and state of the art design, it is an absolute joy to play!”

- Chris Norton, Zappa Plays Zappa

To say the Vintage Vibe piano is versatile is a huge understatement. While it has all of the Rock and crunch of a Wurli, and the smooth stereo goodness of a Rhodes, the versatility really lies beneath your fingers. I can make this thing bark or purr, just by how I attack it. Just look at it funny and it plays itself. Aesthetically speaking, it takes the whole stage up a notch. It makes my Hammond look BETTER…”

- John Ginty