Our First Choice: The VV64

We recommend the VV64 for its sound, versatility, size and durability.


Why is the 64 our top pick and our personal favorite of our three models?

It has a very natural key compass; the same as that of a Wurlitzer e.p, one less octave off the top and bottom of an 88 note piano. It has the best tone and output in our opinion. The piano is extremely light and portable with enough range to play almost any arrangement. Most people think they need 73 notes when in fact usually far less than 64 are played in most songs! We've struck a balance between the luxury of the 73 and the austerity of the 44 is the perfect balance of the 64.

This piano was our Alpha and the impetus for Vintage Vibe piano company. It holds everything we envisioned in our pianos.

And if that's not enough... there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. There are 64 squares on a chessboard. There are 64 sexual positions in the Kama Sutra! 64 is the only two digit number ever to star in a Beatles song. And 64 was the last year before CBS bought Fender. We rest our case.